Good Sports is a nationwide program that supports sporting clubs to become safer, healthier and more family friendly through the responsible management of alcohol. In Victoria there are close to 1,700 clubs in the program, with over 650 having achieved Level 3 Accreditation.

Hamlyn Park Tennis Club as been recognised this week for its longstanding commitment to reducing alcohol problems, as part of the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program. While stories about sports stars struggling with alcohol problems, or behaving badly after a big night out are rife in the media these days, clubs such as Hamlyn Park Tennis Club are managing alcohol responsibly through the assistance of the Good Sports program and community partners.

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The club has been rewarded this week for its long term commitment to Good Sports, which requires adherence to liquor licensing laws; club members to be Responsible Serving of Alcohol trained; policies to be implemented relating to safe transport; smokefree clubrooms; changing the way functions involving alcohol are conducted and an end to the use of alcohol for fundraising and prizes. This framework encourages a safer, healthier and more family-friendly club.

Victorian Good Sports Manager, Rod Glenn-Smith, is proud of all the clubs that achieve Level 3 Accreditation, but staying at that level for so long and remaining committed to the principals of the program is an especially impressive achievement.

“I’m very excited that Hamlyn Park Tennis Club has achieved this significant milestone. The club has consistently demonstrated, over a number of years, that it is committed to promoting responsible attitudes towards alcohol, attitudes which are then passed on to players, supporters, and their families, benefiting the whole community.”

Rod Glenn-Smith emphasises that “this program is a ‘win-win’ for everyone. Clubs grow and prosper, the communities are safer places and the club is a more attractive place to be for its members”.

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