Safe-guarding children

Commitment to safeguarding children
  • Hamlyn Park TC is committed to the safety and wellbeing of every child who takes part in our activities, programs, events or services
  • Hamlyn Park TC is committed to providing children with positive and nurturing experiences
  • Hamlyn Park TC will support families and communities to promote the healthy development and wellbeing of all children
  • Hamlyn Park TC will strive to ensure that children are protected
  • Hamlyn Park TC will strive to ensure that children are not exploited, abused or harmed during their involvement with our activities, programs, events or services
  • Hamlyn Park TC will listen to children and address any concerns that they raise with us
  • Hamlyn Park TC will ask for consent from children and their parent or guardian before we seek out or provide information about them to any other individual or organisation
  • Hamlyn Park TC might not ask for consent to disclose information to police, regulatory authorities or relevant statutory child-protection agencies in the event we have concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child
  • All children, whatever culture/language or religion, shall be able to participate in tennis in a fun and safe environment
  • Hamlyn Park TC will appoint and ensure a Member Protection Information Officer is trained on their obligations and responsibilities with respect to child-safety
Commitment to parent and carers
  • Hamlyn Park TC is committed to supporting parents and carers to protect their children
  • Hamlyn Park TC will offer assistance that builds on a family’s strengths and make up, is sensitive to their culture and religious beliefs and empowers them to meet the changing needs of their children
  • Hamlyn Park TC is committed to communicating honestly and openly with parents and carers about the wellbeing and safety of their children
  • Hamlyn Park TC will promote and distribute information about our child protection commitment to children and parents as part of an introduction to our services and programs
  • Hamlyn Park TC will aim to be transparent in our decision-making, with parents and guardians, as long as doing so does not compromise the safety of a child or breach any confidentiality

Member protection

Our member protection guidelines and declaration are available for download.

Consumption of alcohol policy

Hamlyn Park Tennis Club is an accredited member of the Good Sports program which is run in Victoria by the Australian Drug Foundation in conjunction with VicHealth, the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) and the Alcohol Education Rehabilitation Foundation. The program has been designed to assist clubs with the responsible management of alcohol and is the only nationwide program of its kind.

The Hamlyn Park Tennis Club has a “Liquor Consumption Licence” and therefore is being pro-active in ensuring all members and visitors to our tennis club enjoy their stay and contribute to the friendly family environment that the club has worked hard to create!

As a community based club we believe involvement in this program is a way for our club to promote a healthy and welcoming club culture whilst working to consistently meet our duty of care obligations.

Smoking policy

The Tennis Club encourages a smoke free environment around key areas of the tennis club. Read our full smoking policy.

Dress code

Approved tennis footwear must be used at all times on the courts. The courts are not to be used by children on bicycles, roller blades or skateboards, or to be used for soccer or football or any other purpose apart from tennis.

Court policy

Competition, coaching and official Training have priority over use by social members: Saturday, Monday night between 4pm and 5.30pm, Wednesday night between 6pm and 8.30pm and Thursday night between 5pm & 7pm.

The courts should be swept after use using the broom hanging on the club-room wall.

Hire policy

The courts are not available for casual hire, although block hire is available by application to the Management Committee.

Members must ensure that people playing with them have joined the Club and are financial members. Members must carry their membership tag with them when using the courts.

Members are responsible to ensure that unauthorised persons do not use the courts when they are playing. This is best done by locking the gates after you enter, and only allowing access to members who can identify themselves by current membership tag.

Commitment to ensuring a child-safe organisation
  • Hamlyn Park TC is committed to using best practice standards in the recruitment, screening and employment of any persons in a position of authority
  • Hamlyn Park TC will work to create an environment in which children are safe and feel safe in all of our programs, activities, events or services
  • Hamlyn Park TC will strive to ensure that persons in a position of authority do not harm, abuse or exploit children who are involved with our programs or services
  • To read the full policy visit our Club Policies page.
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