Current committee members

Management committee
President Robert Arzanovski 0404 459 995
Vice President Ben Morgan
Secretary Colin Shallue
Treasurer David Wiedmann
Management committee Janeene Barry
Patrick Lanyon
Cheryl Mirkovic
Cassie Spain
Rick Spork
Competition representatives
Senior competition representative Ben Morgan 0400 320 066
Midweek competition representative Janeene Barry 0407 823 714
Junior competition representative Louise McDonald 0421 631 188

Past committee and life members

The Hamlyn Park Tennis Club has a proud history of providing the local community with access to tennis facilities and of providing great opportunities for anyone who has ever wanted to learn tennis or improve their game. The club could not survive without the ongoing volunteer work that has been carried out by past and current committee members and we thank them for their tireless work.

The club also recognizes individuals for their contribution to the tennis club and awards life membership based on the following criteria:

  • Displays the values of the club and tennis in general.
  • Actively promotes the tennis club and tennis in general.
  • Contributes to the success and ongoing maintenance required with running the club.
  • Provides valuable input to the club.
  • Has provided a significant amount of years of service (not just being a member) to the club.
  • Tireless worker.
  • Provides positivity to the club and is seen as a role model for other members.
  • Benefits the club and its members.
  • Life Members need to be nominated and seconded to the management committee.
Commitment to ensuring a child-safe organisation
  • Hamlyn Park TC is committed to using best practice standards in the recruitment, screening and employment of any persons in a position of authority
  • Hamlyn Park TC will work to create an environment in which children are safe and feel safe in all of our programs, activities, events or services
  • Hamlyn Park TC will strive to ensure that persons in a position of authority do not harm, abuse or exploit children who are involved with our programs or services
  • To read the full policy visit our Club Policies page.
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