**REVIEW: Junior Club Championships – Sunday 14 Febrauary**

The re-scheduled Junior Club Championship was held on Sunday 14 February and with glorious weather, the turnout was great with more than 20 players competing from each of the 7 junior teams the club had in summer competition.

The format was a round robin with sets played at first to 4 games. All players played 3 sets.

There was lots of support and encouragement for the players from their extended familiies. There was also welcome support from the junior committee and a number of parents on the day.

The boys were well represented and were split into 4 “grades”. The girls were not as well represented and were only split into 3 “grades”. The results were as follows:

                                       Winner                           Runner Up

Boys 1                        Nelson Roso                     Daniel Gibson

Boys 2                        Dario Sestak                    Raleigh Phillips

Boys 3                        Lincoln Luther                  Xavier Consedine

Boys 4                        Sebastian MacDougall  

Girls 1                        Alessia Roso

Girls 2                        Tamika Willougby               Emily Krahe

Girsl 3                        Ellen Nagle                        Rebecca Claridge

There were lots of smiling faces and all the kids had a good day.  The tennis was followed by a trophy presentation and sausage sizzle.  All in all, a good day for the club!

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sebastian mcdougall · 17 February 2010 at 5:49 pm

had a great day!

Xavier Consedine · 20 February 2010 at 9:36 am

That was a great day! It was lots of fun. Thanks to the organisers

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