The members getting into it

All members, please be advised that Membership fees are due in October each year. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to update your membership please contact the Junior or Senior Committee. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are still offering the greatest value a local sporting club membership can buy.  The membership fee structure is as follows:

Saturday Pennant Players

Junior   $30    Student $40
Senior  $70    Family  $100

(To be eligible for this fee structure, members must play in a Junior, Saturday or Midweek competition for HPTC, for families to be eligible, at least one member of the family should play in competition.

All Junior Enquiries can be directed to Rick and Helen Spork on 0431 707 595.  All Senior enquiries can be directed to Bill Cooper on 5278  9618.

Social Members (Members who do not play in competition):

Senior  $80
Family  $120

Importantly, all members in this category MUST either have a key or have access to a key through another member. This will be an additional one off refundable deposit of $50.

To download the appropriate form for membership, key hire and light hire, please return to the home page and click on the relevant links.

 IMPORTANT – Membership Policy
Membership of HPTC is available on an annual basis. Membership is from 1 October to 30 September, with renewal subscriptions payable by the end of October each year.

New members can join at any time on application to the Management Committee. Application Forms are available from the Secretary or the Treasurer.  Applications for membership are considered at Management Committee meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month.  Lapsed members (one year or more) are considered new members and will be required to re-apply for membership.

There are two categories of financial membership: Competition and Social; with sub categories of: Family, Senior, Junior and Student
(latter two restricted to competition)

Family is defined as parent(s) and children aged 18 and under at the beginning of the membership year (1 October).

Senior is defined as being 19 and over at the beginning of the membership year (1 October) or time of joining.

Junior is defined as being 18 and under at the beginning of the membership year (1 October). There is no Junior Social category.

Student is a full time student 19 – 25 at the beginning of the membership year (1 October).  There is no Student Social category.